Verifiable Voting

The University of Surrey and Electoral Reform Services, part of the Civica Group, are running a trial that allows election voters to check that their vote is accurately recorded. This is part of a research project between the University of Surrey and King's College London entitled "VOLT: Voting on Ledger Technologies", also in collaboration with the University of Luxembourg.

One fundamental principle of a ballot is that voters must be assured that their votes will count. Verify My Vote (VMV) offers voters the chance to check that their vote has been correctly received and recorded. VMV uses advanced peer-reviewed cryptographic techniques to ensure the secrecy of the ballot for voters and provide cryptographically secured evidence that the election was properly tallied from the recorded votes.

VMV is a system that adds end-to-end verifiability to online elections run by Electoral Reform Services. Voters cast their votes electronically in the usual way, and the system provides them with evidence that they can use to check their vote after the election. Voters are then able to confirm their votes. Independent checkers (including voters) are able to check the tallying and the result.

If you have voted in one of the trial ballots via Electoral Reform Services, our VMV system allows you and/or external auditors to check that your vote was counted correctly. VMV achieves this by adding a brand new verifiable voting system onto the deployed Internet voting system run by Electoral Reform Services. When you submit your vote, your vote will be encrypted, anonymised and published without any linkage to your identity. After the ballot closes and the election results are published, you will simply get a tracking number which you can use to look up your vote. No one else will know how you voted.

In VMV, we aim to help governments, businesses, educational institutions, and communities to deliver confidence to their voters throughout verifiable elections where voters would have a chance to check whether their ballot was received and counted properly. VMV uses distributed ledger technology to store the election verification data in a way that cannot be changed later.